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Glenn Meling has released his new 9-track LP, Minnesota; the third solo project by the international alternative pop singer. Not chasing mainstream millennial pop radio fame, Meling offers listeners a chance to once again experience what the late, great David Bowie gave the world through rock tinged pop music...........




Glenn Meling is an independent songwriter from Oslo whose deep, somewhat niche interest in the journeys of countrymen travelling the U.S.A has translated into an album of Americana, new wave and rock inspired tunes.........




Life on the road can do many things for a person. For Norwegian singer/songwriter Glenn Meling, it's the inspiration behind his third album, Minnesota. Looking at the tracklist you can tell this album was made for a long journey on the road................



New Sick Music

An artist of the world, Glenn Meling brings his journeys into his music. The Oslo-based singer/songwriter/producer recorded his first album, Melingrad, in a Norwegian boathouse, and his second album, Sometimes a Bigger Heart, in London. But now he’s back with perhaps his most adventurous record yet, entitled Minnesota, and centred around the moods of the Midwestern state.




Glenn Meling – “America”



Quiet Lunch

Minnesota, the third album from Norwegian native, Glenn Meling chronicles his musical maturation. In his latest release, the wordly artist, having lived in the United Kingdom and Australia, bridges the melancholy with the mirthful.




Glenn Meling’s recent release Minnesota stands out as a pop/rock album because its nine tracks are built around one subject or narrative present throughout. The migration of over 800,000 Norwegians from their homeland to the United States between 1825 and 1925 provides the inspiration for the singer-songwriter’s third release, and Meling explores it convincingly, both musically and lyrically.



West Coast Rocker

It takes someone from another country to tell us what we are doing right in America, and that’s what Glenn Meling does with his lead single, “Brother Jonathan,” off his new album Minnesota.




This is an intriguing concept album.



The Big Takeover

Singer/songwriter Glenn Meling is back with his third album, Minnesota, a concept dedicated to both the state that shares its name and the United States in general, in what couldn’t be a more poignant time. The lead single’s title, “Brother Jonathan,” refers to a name for America used by European immigrants coming to the country.



Skope Entertainment

Glenn Meling’s “Minnesota” offers up an eclectic take on the best of pop. Alternative rock, country, funk, and hints of dub come together to create a vibrant sound that teems with life. Vocals serve front and center, showing off Glenn Meling’s poetic take on storytelling.




Norway based creative Glenn Meling has returned with his third album, Minnesota, which explores the experiences of migration to American during the 19th century.



Rock N Roll Rehab

Glenn Meling's Brother Jonathan From Minnesota



We All Want Someone

Glenn Meling is a independent songwriter from Oslo, Norway, well traveled, formerly taking residence in Australia and the United Kingdom. Earlier this month he returned with his latest album Minnesota, an album about migration to America in the 19th century. One of the songs off the album is titled “Brother Jonathan,” which was a term used by immigrants when referring to the USA, even predating the more widely known phrase “Uncle Sam.”




Norwegian singer-songwriter Glenn Meling has offered up his third effort, titled Minnesota.



Swept Media

I have to admit, right from the start, I did not expect the spacey, alt, funk pop-rock I got from Glenn Meling’s third and latest album ‘Minnesota’. Having been previously unaware of Meling’s work, and going over the synopsis of the album, I expected a very American, frontier-folk album about the great migrations to good ‘ol ‘Brother Jonathan‘ (USA) in the 1800′s, but instead what I got from this Oslo native, was an outside-going-in take on settlement, specifically of Norwegians to ‘Minnesota’. Let’s take a trip in time, shall we…



Divine Magazine

Lead single “Brother Jonathan” is about migration to America in the 19th century, when Brother Jonathan was a term used by immigrants to refer to the USA.




As waves of intolerance and xenophobia rock the country, it is songs like this that remind people of their roots.



You Tube video review of Minnesota




Almost Real Things

Glenn Meling’s Ode to Brother Jonathan



Obscure Sound

Glenn Meling – “Brother Jonathan”




DISCOVER: Soft Rock Artist Glenn Meling
by Melanie Gomez




New Single: Glenn Meling – Brother Jonathan



New York Theatre Guide

Discovering the artist: Glenn Meling

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Glenn Meling has a global theme to his music. His latest single, “Brother Jonathan,” carries historical weight. Much like the term, Uncle Sam, Brother Jonathan was a phrase used for 19th century, European immigrants seeking a better life in the United States. With immigration being such an important, global topic, Meling’s song comes as musical insight.

Meling’s new track is a picturesque caption into humanity. “Brother Jonathan” is the first single off his upcoming album, Minnesota. Like the Midwestern state, the song feels like a natural landscape. Its lyrics question human inclusiveness and its wonderment of where he or she belongs, if such a place exists. Personally, next to love, loneliness or confusion is a magnificent introspect into the human spirit. So often, we can feel chained and have no idea why. Meling attempts to observe that question through the plight of immigration and human empathy........(see web link below)



All You Can Do Reviews


All You Can Do
added: 15 Feb 2010 // release date: 1 Feb 2010 // label: Self issued
reviewer: Andy Snipper
Glenn Meling has been travelling the globe for much of his young life, moving between his origins in Oslo to Australia, to Europe and to London and Hull in search of the space to make his music. The result isn’t half bad either.

The choppy rhythms and soaring vocals are reminiscent of U2 but there is none of the overpowering pomp of Bono and The Edge – he has an altogether softer delivery and more restraint – rather he is singing from his heart and that is never to be sniffed at.

He sings 'Give it your best shot ... and that is all that you can do' and sounds as though he has had the knockbacks from those who can’t see a talent in development and imbues his song with both the acceptance that he has to work at his career and the desire to put his best into it.

A very listenable debut and it suggests that the upcoming album should be pretty good too.



GLENN MELING – ALL YOU CAN DO: Glenn Meling drops the catchy rock track All You Can Do as a throwback attempt to a more straightforward style of songwriting. The result is the type of track that has a very Bryan Adams kind of sensibility to it, thanks to the striking opening guitar riff, and the husky lyrics. It’ll probably flounder amid the more mundane mainstream pop scene, but given that it has been available as a free download from Glenn’s website, you should give it a whirl… it’s the least you can do! For anyone intrigued to find out more about where Glenn hails from – he’s a nomadic Norwegian part-time courier who lays claim to never having spent more than a year in one place! He has however studied media in Melbourne, had a small flat in Ealing and has connections to Hull. He also bears a little similarity to Josh Pyke – so like we said, worth checking out!
Released as a digital download
Rating: 3 out of 5

Website: http://www.indielondon.co.uk/Music-sotw/music-sotw


Glenn Meling - All You Can Do
Submitted by Justin on Wed, 01/27/2010 - 00:55

Tracklisting: 1. All You Can Do
Record Company: Unsigned
Release Date: Monday 1st February 2010
Buy it now:

Norwegian Glenn Meling is, as the press release states, a free spirit travelling the world. Having spent time in Australia studying media, before returning to Europe and eventually settling in the UK where he decided to finally record his debut album. With no money, Meling was flying back and forth to Norway for his courier job to make ends meet and finance his album.

It's certainly not a fairytale story for this wandering musician but all the hard work has finally paid off and this first single All You Can Do certainly shows. With a voice reminding me of a softer version of Bono, and some twangy and sharp guitar riffs backing him, this song is a real catchy affair. There's a nervous energy about the song too that transcends Meling's wanderlust.

Meling is certainly a talent to watch and the fruits of his labours are paying off. Let's hope the new album Sometimes A Bigger Heart has more of this.

Website: http://www.entertainment-focus.com/music/articles/glenn-meling-all-you-can-do



Hmmm, I see the phrase "free spirit" and think lackadaisical flibbertygibit. And so it may prove to be with Norwegian singer / songwriter Glenn Meling.

I like the song, though. It's very eighties big pop. You know. Big Country, Beltane Fire, that sort of thing. Chuck in a Simple minds melody and it's pretty darn good. Proceed with caution, mind. Once a flibbertygibit, always a flibbertygibit.



Glenn Meling - All You Can Do

Written by Kevin Stanley

A native of Norway, Glenn Meling has spent his entire life so far moving from one place to another, like some sort of musical nomad. He's never spent more than a year of his life living in one place. Constantly moving and constantly forming and splitting up bands, it seems that now he has taken it upon himself to turn to a solo career. And it wasn't a bad idea. Instantly likeable Meling's single All You Can Do is the perfect way to showcase his creativity and free-spiritedness.
All You Can Do has meaningful lyrics, well performed and recorded music and it is well produced in general. It's definitely an antidote to listening to some of the rubbish that some artists like to attempt to pass off as real music.

Glenn sounds like a dreamer, an idealist, a traveller and a good musician. I like him and I think you will too. Running at just less than 4 minutes it is easy listening that you could listen to all day long, well maybe not, when is Meling's album released? Sign me up for a pre-ordered copy.


Website: http://www.floatationsuite.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1695&Itemid=44